Weight Loss Story

At my maximum weight, I was 120kg with a height of 173cm. My diet consisted almost entirely of processed foods, fast foods, sweets and extremely high calories.

Did I participate in sports? If the registration in the gym counts yes, otherwise the sport was out of the way from the couch to the fridge. In this first year, I ate mostly after the Paleo diet, tracked no calories and I went to sports regularly (cardio and strength training).

After the 30kg decrease, my weight had stagnated for 5 months, from which I had learned a lot. I started to get into the topic of calorie tracking and lo and behold, I had been eating. After I realized that, it continued.

As I have said many times, I have gained more weight again, which is why I am currently back in deficit. After Christmas (28.12) my weight was 77.7kg. Currently it is 75.0 (-2.7kg). Most of it is water and less stomach and intestinal contents. The goal is again 70kg. Overall should be 8-10kg down.

I have been tracking calories for over 1 year. For this I use the MyFitnessPal app and my fitness tracker. I have not been eating Paleo for a long time (which I have been doing for 2 years), but eat what I feel like. Paleo helped a lot to understand a lot.

I do not sacrifice anything, but avoid (not always) wheat to a large extent. Cereals except for oatmeal rarely land on my plate. I do not believe in crash diets / expensive programs or pills. A diet (Paleo, LowCarb, ..) can be helpful especially at the beginning.