The Beta Switch Review – Sue Heintze Stubborn Fat System

The Beta Switch by Sue Heintze uses a unique approach for removing female trouble spots. Read this review to learn more about it.

the-beta-switch-2What Is It?

The Beta Switch is a weight loss program by Aussie fitness expert and women’s fat loss coach Sue Heintze that is geared towards women who struggle with stubborn body fat. The program promises to help women quickly shed the most embarrassing trouble spot fat that has always seemed impossible to lose.

The Beta Switch program is structured with a simple step-by-step 12 week nutrition and lifestyle system that is designed to turn stubborn female trouble spots into fat burning mode. It’s unique strategy is to switch on your fat-burning beta receptors and switch off your fat trapping Alpha receptors in your stubborn fat areas.

Users of the program are promised an effective way to burn fat off their body’s troubled areas that are usually harder to lean out, such as your thighs, bum and the backs of your arms. The program is also not based on any any type of strict dieting or excessive exercise.

Review Ratings

I give the Beta Switch a high rating of 9/10 and recommend it to any woman who needs a solution for stubborn fat. This program truly revolutionizes the release of stubborn female body fat. It’s not like the other generic diets that could actually pile more fat onto your most stubborn fat zones.

This system works for any woman — no matter your age, and regardless of where you store your most stubborn fat. A lot of people do not understand that weight loss for women is different than men. If you are a woman who has been trying to get in shape but got nowhere despite effort after effort, the reason you are not getting the results you want could be because you are using a program that is too generic. At last you can be sure that The Beta Switch will produce results because it is specifically designed for burning female stubborn fat which is the hardest fat to lose. So once you become lean in your stubborn areas your whole body will be lean.

The Beta Switch Details

The program is structured as a step-by-step 12 week nutrition and exercise plan that consist of all the information that you need and more to follow to get rid of all your stubborn fat and get the shape you want. The content comes in a variety of eBook manuals that include the Main Manual for the 12 week step by step system, Exercise Execution Guide, Workout System Manual, Tracker Sheets and Supplement Guide.

In The Beta Switch program, you’ll find things like:

  • A quick-start diet plan for instantly switching on your fat-burning metabolism.
  • Quick and simple trick to easily tell the optimal portions for your body.
  • The complete list of foods that will activate your fat-burning Beta Switch.
  • The acceptable and bad alcoholic beverages for your weight loss
    4 herbal extracts and one naturally occurring oil that shuts down the fat storing Alpha receptors.
  • The only “cheat day” strategy that is proven to eliminate frustrating weight loss plateaus.
  • The right way to perform cardio to burn fat in a way where it doesn’t get re-deposited back onto your trouble spots.

program-componentsHow Effective Is The Beta Switch Method?

As we know fat loss programs could be generic or based on some type of special strategy. Generic fat loss plans are usually not optimal to produce the best fat loss results because they do not address important factors that causes your body to hold on to stubborn fat. The Beta Switch on the other hand is enriched with a unique strategy that addresses the important underlying issues that are the reasons you have hard-to-lose fat.

If you are wondering how important this strategy is for your fat loss success, I have to tell that if you are a woman who struggle with stubborn fat it is very important. Beta Receptors and Alpha Receptors are both called Adrenoreceptors are present in you and everyone other person’s body. But they do different things to your body fat. Essentially, Beta Receptors release fat from fat cells and alpha receptors trap and store fat in fat cells.

The reason stubborn fat is so hard to lose is because they contain up to 9X more Alpha Receptors than Beta Receptors. Hence, the answer to your stubborn fat issues is found in learning how to activate those fat burning Beta Receptor receptors and turning off the fat storing Alpha Receptors. This is exactly what Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch is designed to, so it’s truly a useful resource for women who are being held back from a lean, gorgeous body as a result of stubborn body fat.


  • The Beta Switch is a unique and deeper Women’s weight loss program than the majority of programs online. It’s definitely light-years ahead of most of the products I’ve seen aimed at women.
  • It strategically uses the exact nutrition and workout methods that have been scientifically proven to activate your fat-burning Beta Adrenoreceptors and switch off your fat-trapping Alpha receptors.
  • I agree with Sue on is her stance on cardio. She recommends a similar approach to make sure you burn fat in a way where it doesn’t get re-deposited back onto your trouble spots.
  • Lots of positive reviews – The same system has helped thousands of women around the world achieve the bodies they desire – including 36 winners and 4 Grand Champions of Australia’s most prestigious national body-transformation contest.
  • Trusted author – Created by a highly qualified expert with years experience and success stories in her name.
  • A 60-day Money-Back Guarantee covers you if you decide during that period that the Program is not working for you.


Although the Beta Switch is a complete weight loss program that can work for any weight loss goal, I don’t think it’s necessary to use it if you only need to lose a few pounds. But, if you are trying to get in your best body shape you’ll most likely need to address stubborn fat. So a program like this would be mandatory.


If you are a woman who suffer from stubborn body fat that is hard to lose, Sue Heintze’s Beta Switch program is a must-get. It’s a decent collection of eBooks, videos and other program tools for the person looking to lose stubborn fat and get in top shape. It’s definitely good value for money as you get loads of extras with the purchase. The program is intelligently written and thoroughly researched – probably the most comprehensive program on female stubbrn fat loss for women you’ll find anywhere.


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