CT-50 Review – Is Tyler Bramlett’s System For You?

CT-50 by functional training expert Tyler Bramlett is a comprehensive fitness program for anyone (men and women of all ages) that you can use to burn fat, gain strength, tone muscle and improve flexibility. The system is based on a unique workout method called Progressive Movement Technology which promises to be more effective in producing the results than conventional workout methods.

Official-WebsiteQuick Review: There are a number of workout and nutrition methods to use to get in shape, CT-50 with it’s Progressive Movement Technology is simply one of them. But it’s not uncommon to find products that are filled with appealing promises, but don’t work to produce the promised results. I can assure that the this system lives up to it’s promises.

The program has already been used by a large number of customers, many of them reported getting pleasing results when they follow the program. Tyler Bramlett is a credible expert who has a good reputation for creating high quality fitness programs that help people get in the shape they want. Therefore, this program is expected to produce phenomenal results for any new user once they follow the program as instructed.

CT-50 Program Details

First of all this is an entirely downloadable product. NO physical products will be shipped. If you order the program, it will come in the form of a digital package that contains all the files and information regarding the program that you can start using any time you are ready. After you order, you will be immediately sent an email with a link to download all the files directly to your computer.

Here’s what you’ll receive

Main-ManualsBy ordering CT-50, you get all these contents in one big digital package.

  • The CT-50 Main Manual
  • The CT-50 Quick Start Guide
  • The CT-50 Score Sheets
  • The CT-50 Wall Charts
  • The CT-50 Exercise Manual


When you order, you’re gonna get a BONUS video package with 50 high quality follow-along workouts and 96 video exercise tutorials.

Progressive Movement Technology

I can’t complete a CT-50 review without helping readers understand the method the program is based on. As we know, fitness programs use different diet and workout strategies to help the user get the results they want. Some methods work better, faster or more effective than others, so it is important to understand the approach used by any fitness program you are thinking about using.

The CT-50 system employs the Progressive Movement Technology (PMT) method. This is a selection of the most effective fat burning and muscle toning exercises that are divided into 5 different levels, that the user has to progress through to see their body transform.

The strategy is aimed at sending exact signals to the body that will cause it to burn fat and increase your strength which is what you need to transform your body shape.

It’s true that your body shape and fitness level has a lot to do with the exact movements you put your body through. Have you ever wondered why some athletes in certain sports such as swimming and gymnastics have such lean, fit bodies compared to people that take part in other types of sports? It’s because of the type of movement the sport’s training put their body through.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to get a body like an athlete. Anyone can use the right exercises to send the loud and clear fat burning and muscle toning signals to their body that will result in a stunning physical shape and optimal fitness conditioning.

Imagine having a workout system right in your hands that comes with all the best exercises and exact training structure that will allow your body to respond by building strength, flexibility and power, while melting away pounds after pounds of your stored fat.

This is exactly what you’ll find inside the CT-50 system. The workouts use the Progressive Movement Technology that is specifically designed to send powerful transformation signals to your body.

The more of these movements you can do, and the better you can do them… the leaner and fitter you will become and just like Milo in the story above, you will transform your body.

This is because the workouts inside CT-50 that use Progressive Movement Technology™ send Loud And Clear fat burning muscle toning signals to your body while “traditional” workouts often do the opposite, leaving you gaining fat as a reward for all your hard work.

The reason why most people NEVER succeed in transforming their body is because they do the wrong exercises in the wrong order. This sends the wrong signals to your body that may end up causing you to gain fat not lose it.

More About The Trainer, Tyler Bramlett

Tyler-BramlettTyler is a renowned expert and well respected person in the fitness community. He specializes in helping people look, feel and perform their best. He studied under a former special forces trainer, professional strongmen, Olympic lifting coaches and circus performers. He is now a functional training expert and USAW sports performance coach.

Tyler was once a fat person, but then transformed himself into a lean, athletic physique by using the same methods that he stands behind. CT-50 contains the same step-by-step system Tyler personally used to drop over 40 pounds of fat. Tyler has already helped thousands of people from different genders and ages to get their best shaped bodies. Can he help you do the same? With thousands of real-life physique transformations to his credit, Tyler is definitely someone you can trust to help you.

Review Conclusion

I recommend getting the CT-50 system, not only because Tyler Bramlett is a highly respected expert in fitness with an impressive track record, but the program is truly of high quality and very useful. Many people struggle for a long period of time trying different fitness programs to get the shape they want but get nowhere. The real solution may using a proven method that works differently than the usual stuff. This is where the CT-50 program comes in very useful.

I believe you will be satisfied with the program, but if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 60 days from Clickbank (the payment system for the prouct). They will refund you no hassle, no questions asked. So give it a try, there’s really nothing to lose.

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